We don't just do your tasks. 

We slay them.



We don't just do your tasks. 

We slay them.


Why choose Admin Slayer

You are excellent at what you do. The business you’ve created requires your specific, unique set of skills. Your business also requires administrative support, complete office services, and systems. You may not have the skill set, funds, or time to put a comprehensive, professional team together on your own. Admin Slayer is all of that, ready to go. 

Who we are

Admin Slayer is the brainchild of a mind-reading, business-saving professional administrator, an efficiency and marketing expert, and a serial entrepreneur. We know business, from all angles, and we’re right here in Canada. 

Shannon worked for me as I set up my private practice. I have no hesitation in recommending Admin Slayer, Virtual Assistants as Shannon proved to be an efficient and valuable employee. From preparing content using PowerPoint, MS-Word, and other software programs to proofreading and editing my professional correspondence, I knew that I could rely on the services that she provided. Outsourcing my administrative duties increased my efficiency and gave me the time to devote to building my practice.
— D.J. Crockett | President, Crockett Consulting Inc.



Meet the Slayers

We match you to the right Slayer. Sometimes, one Slayer fits all. Other times, you’ll need the services of more than one Slayer.  We not only help you determine how to achieve the results you’re looking for, but also put the right minds in place to get it done quickly, efficiently, and expertly.  We actively recruit expert Slayers to add to our expertise and ensure you experience smooth, professional service.

Admin Slayer partners with Merriman Marketing to create websites, marketing strategy, social media management platforms, and branding systems for Slayers to maintain. 

Shannon – The Chief

Professional Experience: 20+ Years

Shannon is our Chief Slayer.  She’s cheerful, professional, and clients just love her.  She gets the jitters when a task is incomplete, takes over if quality isn’t up to snuff, and don’t even mention poor grammar.  Shannon oversees all the Slayers, and ensures that every item slayed on your behalf is done professionally.

Tracey – The “Everything” Slayer

Professional Experience: 20+ Years

Tracey just gets it done. Smart as a whip, organized, and creative, Tracey has been vital in the building of financial services businesses for over 20 years.  With experience in everything from process creation to software management, spreadsheets, Photoshop, social media marketing, writing, bookkeeping and more, Tracey is consistent and reliable: everything you want in a Slayer.

Jiveney – The Versatile Slayer

Professional Experience: 3+ Years

Jiveney is a wonderful mix of humility, perfectionism, and humour.  A seasoned administrator who works well under pressure, she can organize your event, manage your email and calendar, plan that next trip, and proofread your documents. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics, along with varied experience ranging from editor-in-chief to crude coordinator, Jiveney can handle just about any challenge like a champion.

Kimberlee – The Chaos Management Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

Kind and quiet, Kimberlee is a professional personal assistant with strong administration skills. She can coordinate your crazy calendar, bring together everyone you want at that meeting (even if they’re all in different time zones) and update your bookkeeping. She thrives on chaos, digging in to your problem to find the right solution, on time, up-to-date, and with all the side notes you’ll need to walk into your meetings with confidence.

Janice – The Controlling Slayer

Professional Experience: 20+ years

It’s not what it sounds like. Well, maybe it is: she’s held the title “Controller” for a good reason. Janice has worked all over North America, in industries such as engineering, finance, retail, trades, and many more. Janice rules accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and all those persnickety things that can gum up the works if handled incorrectly. She’s our Checks & Balances Queen, and she makes your business run smoothly.

Jennifer – The Coordination Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

Jennifer’s warm and personable approach leaves you and your clients feeling looked after. Years of experience in communications, event management, and financial services have created a dynamic slayer who deftly coordinates people, documents, calendars, events, and paperwork with an eye for detail and attention to timelines.

Fiona – The Magical Slayer

Professional Experience: 18+ Years

Fiona is a fantastic generalist, with the “magical” ability to pick up new systems and knowledge on the fly.  With mean social media skills, outstanding writing chops (minus any ego), and the ability to make educated decisions in the face of ambiguity, skills like hers are needed on a daily basis. Independent and entirely self-motivated, being a slayer fits Fiona’s temperament, and her lifestyle.

Lindsay – The Intuitive Slayer

Professional Experience: 3+ Years

Lindsay reviews your emails to clients, sees an opportunity to help, and asks if she can jump in. She really cares what you need, and what your clients need, to be successful, and finds opportunities to make this happen. Lindsay leverages her degree in Business Administration to provide thoughtful, professional services - before you even knew you needed them.

Kristen – The Customer Service Slayer

Professional Experience: 9+ Years

Kristen is friendly, outgoing, and a great communicator.  At Admin Slayer, we’ve made use of her expertise in areas of financial compliance, communications and procedure creation, as well as her relationship management skills.  Want someone who can whip up a process document, answer your phones, and put a smile on the faces of your clients? Kristen is your Slayer.

Carly – The Design Slayer

Art Nerd Experience: 15+ Years

After years of success as a studio artist, Carly has taken her eye for beauty and brought it to the world of business. She loves making things look sexy as ...., and combines her experience in marketing and communications to create simple, impactful works that solve problems and communicate intention.

Anna – The Copywriting Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

Content is King in the world of online marketing, and yet creating content can be a bear. Even worse? Writing your own biography, or any of your own content for that matter. Enter Anna, with years of marketing, advertising, and communications under her belt, she’ll turn your bullet points and rambling thoughts into concise, compelling copy.

Gail – The Shoebox Slayer

Professional Experience: 30+ Years

Gail is a designated CPA, CMA with over 30 years of experience in active businesses, non-profits, and charitable organizations. She loves building useful templates you’ll actually use, solving problems, mentoring junior staff, and collaborating with everyone around her to achieve the highest level of efficiency.


Tiffany - The Detail Slayer

Professional Experience: 15+ years

Tiffany loves all those nitpicky, teeny tiny bits of information - the numbers, the words, the fraction of a cent that desperately needs reconciliation. A former business owner and great communicator with an education in business and accounting, Tiffany is at once cheerfully patient and relentless - everything a business owner needs to get their data organized.

Krysten - Co-Founder, Head of Marketing, Innovation & Efficiency

Professional Experience: 10+ years

Krysten is the mastermind behind our marketing efforts and the internal systems that keep Admin Slayer ticking. She makes everything more attractive, efficient, and relevant. With more than a decade in finance and startups, Admin Slayer relies on her to provide us with terrifyingly honest analyses of what we’re doing now, and how we can make it better.


Julia - Co-Founder, CEO

Professional Experience: 20+ years

A business strategist and finance professional, Julia gathered the original Admin Slayer team together to help her move forward in her own enterprises. Her role at Admin Slayer is to provide guidance, leadership, strategy, and act as the official mouthpiece of a company that is primarily made up of introverts.