We don't just do your tasks. 

We slay them.



We don't just do your tasks. 

We slay them.


Why choose Admin Slayer™

You are excellent at what you do. The business you’ve created requires your specific, unique set of skills. Your business also requires administrative support, complete office services, and systems. You may not have the skill set, funds, or time to put a comprehensive, professional team together on your own. Admin Slayer is all of that, ready to go. 

Who we are

Admin Slayer is a full stack virtual assistant company. It's the brainchild of a mind-reading, business-saving professional administrator, an efficiency and marketing expert, and a serial entrepreneur. We know business, from all angles, and we’re right here in Canada. 

Shannon worked for me as I set up my private practice. I have no hesitation in recommending Admin Slayer, Virtual Assistants as Shannon proved to be an efficient and valuable employee. From preparing content using PowerPoint, MS-Word, and other software programs to proofreading and editing my professional correspondence, I knew that I could rely on the services that she provided. Outsourcing my administrative duties increased my efficiency and gave me the time to devote to building my practice.
— D.J. Crockett | President, Crockett Consulting Inc.



Meet the Slayers

We match you to the right Slayer. Sometimes, one Slayer fits all. Other times, you’ll need the services of more than one Slayer.  We not only help you determine how to achieve the results you’re looking for, but also put the right minds in place to get it done quickly, efficiently, and expertly.  We actively recruit expert Slayers to add to our expertise and ensure you experience smooth, professional service.

Shannon – Partner, Chief Operations Officer

Professional Experience: 20+ Years

Shannon is our Chief Slayer.  She’s cheerful, professional, and clients just love her.  She gets the jitters when a task is incomplete, takes over if quality isn’t up to snuff, and don’t even mention poor grammar.  Shannon oversees all the Slayers, and ensures that every item slayed on your behalf is done professionally.

Tracey – Partner, Chief Knowledge Officer

Professional Experience: 20+ Years

Smart as a whip, organized, and creative, Tracey has been vital in the building of financial services businesses for decades.  With knowledge and experience in everything from process creation to software management, spreadsheets, Photoshop, bookkeeping and more, Tracey has a voracious appetite for knowledge - and she teaches our team.

Jiveney – The Versatile Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

Jiveney is a wonderful mix of humility, perfectionism, and humour.  A seasoned administrator who works well under pressure, she can organize your event, manage your email and calendar, plan that next trip, and proofread your documents. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a diploma in Supply Chain and Logistics, along with varied experience ranging from editor-in-chief to crude coordinator, Jiveney can handle just about any challenge like a champion.

Lindsay – The Intuitive Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

Lindsay reviews your emails to clients, sees an opportunity to help, and asks if she can jump in. She really cares what you need, and what your clients need, to be successful, and finds opportunities to make this happen. Lindsay leverages her degree in Business Administration to provide thoughtful, professional services - before you even knew you needed them.

Margaret – The Resilient Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

Want someone who can manage the Jenga puzzle that is your life? Need to know that all the things that should be done are being done on time, correctly, and in order? Margaret is your Slayer. Passionate about scheduling, organizing, and deadline management, she’ll keep you in line. At the same time, she knows how to handle sudden changes, and can ensure that your business adjusts when the punches start rolling.

Kim – The Coordination Slayer

Professional Experience: 5+ Years

A natural project manager who cares about people, Kim is the scheduling ninja you’ve been dreaming about. She has kind, professional words for clients and team members alike, and a problem-solving, organizational mindset that has you arriving at every meeting prepared and energized. Kim’s degree in Psychology helps her master the human side of business communications, while she leverages her natural management skills and years of professional administration to provide you and your clients with a compassionate, consistent, and well-managed experience.

SvT – The Accounting Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

Our second Shannon is a CPA, CGA and practicing public accountant. She provides part time expertise to our bookkeeping division, creating the standards and processes we need to ensure your books are managed efficiently and effectively. Shannon provides the advice that the bookkeepers maintaining your files need, with the goal of creating the kinds of books that your accountant will praise.

Jill – The Outgoing Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

While all our slayers are friendly and communicative, Jill is the embodiment of the word “outgoing”. Deeply extroverted, Jill loves organizing people, managing schedules, overseeing systems, and ensuring that you have everything you need to get out there and WIN. Always quick with a joke and a smile, Jill keeps your clients happy, your information at your fingertips, and your business running like a top.

Ellen – The Detective Slayer

Professional Experience: 15+ years

Ellen loves the challenge of a messy set of books. Throw some unbalanced accounts at her, and the super-sleuth emerges, digging deep into your transactions to root out the issue. Once uncovered, Ellen whips those numbers into shape, lining them up like good little soldiers, marching into the reports that will tell you exactly where your business is, and how close you are to achieving your goals. 

Carla – The Inquisitive Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

Want a steady, reliable slayer who follows instructions and fixes all those typos? Looking for a social media manager who can also juggle your calendar? Look no further: Carla is here. With over a decade of experience as a professional administrator, working with diverse industries in constantly shifting roles, Carla has the experience, skills, and desire to learn what your growing business needs.

Katie – The Inventive Slayer

Professional Experience: 8+ years

A creative thinker with a hunger for information, Katie can find that piece of information you need, set up new marketing initiatives, and support your social media - all while learning some new thing that happened to interest her, and applying it to your business. A thoughtful writer with both sales chops and experience, Katie has a strategic mindset with an achievement focus. 

Tammy – The Operations Slayer

Professional Experience: 12+ Years

Tammy is a multi-talented office manager with experience in medical offices and pharmacies, handling high-stakes customer service, confidential information, data, systems, files, payroll, and all those little things that might just fall through the cracks - if Tammy weren’t there. An engaged learner skilled in small business operations, Tammy will keep your systems running smoothly, so you can focus on your best work.

Cheri – The Systems & Software Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ years

Are digital systems and software programs passing you by? Cheri knows just how to fix that snafu in your email, transfer your data, update your website, and answer that question that you don’t even know the right way to ask. With more than 10 years in information technology, marketing, management, teaching, and much more, Cheri has a quick mind you can rely on to solve those weird problems only a technophile could truly enjoy.

Aspen – The Eagle Eye Slayer

Professional Experience: 6+ years

Aspen checks your sentences and your numbers to make sure that you say what you meant and calculated correctly. She manages your incoming orders, sets up your processes, and just takes all those pieces off your hands. A strong communicator with specific training in confidentiality and security, a healthy laugh, and a yearning for learning, Aspen is the slayer that will keep your business shipshape and your message on point.  

Karyn – The Archival Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

Karyn remembers that thing you forgot, communicates all the details to the right people, and sorts your information wherever it needs to go - whether for you to find again in the future, to share with others, or right in that encrypted recycle bin. She records the history of your business, maps your procedures, and fills out forms with all that information you thought could only exist in your head. With a Master of Arts in Archival Studies and over a decade of experience in administration and coordination, she’s the librarian your business never knew it always needed.

Jessica – The Paralegal Slayer

Professional Experience: 14+ years

Have you ever looked at all the tasks on your plate and become frozen… which one goes first? How do I keep the other ones from falling off? Worry no longer - Jessica is here. Your paralegal slayer knows the difference between “urgent” and “important”, manages deadlines, organizes information, types as fast as you can speak - and spells the words correctly. With paralegal education and more than a decade in the legal field, Jessica knows just how to get your business in order, putting out all the fires, and keeping all the pieces moving towards your business’ success.

Leanne - The Analytical Slayer

Professional Experience: 10+ Years

For every job you hate, there’s someone who loves it, and if you’re like many business owners, even the mention of bookkeeping makes you want to run and hide. Leanne is the person who loves the thing you hate: organizing numbers, systems, and ideas, so that your money runs smoothly - right into your hands. With experience in both public accounting and private business, and as a certified payroll compliance practitioner, Leanne understands your numbers, and points your systems in the right direction.


Krysten – Partner, Chief Marketing Officer

Professional Experience: 15+ years

Krysten is the mastermind behind our marketing efforts and the internal systems that keep Admin Slayer ticking. She makes everything more attractive, efficient, and relevant. With more than a decade in finance and startups, Admin Slayer relies on her to provide us with terrifyingly honest analyses of what we’re doing now, and how we can make it better.

Julia – Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Professional Experience: 20+ years

A business strategist and finance professional, Julia gathered the original Admin Slayer team together to help her move forward in her own enterprises. Her role at Admin Slayer is to provide guidance, leadership, strategy, and financial oversight.