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After years of living and working in the Metro Vancouver area, Shannon moved to British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Away from the horrors of commuting, ridiculous real estate prices, and into tranquility among beautiful lakes and Canada’s only desert, here she can enjoy the outdoors with her family (both 2-legged and 4-legged).

Leveraging years of professional administrative experience on the advice of her best friend and first client Michèle Soregaroli at Transformation Catalyst, Shannon became a self-employed virtual assistant, working with clients from a variety of industries, applying her incredible attention to detail and follow through skills. “Incredible” doesn’t even begin to cut it when it comes to Shannon - “militant” may be a more apt description. Lauded by everyone she’s ever worked with (check out our testimonials page for examples) for her organizational expertise, warmth, and dogmatic approach to task management, Shannon is a force to be reckoned with.

Michèle further proved her "Transformation Catalyst" name by introducing Shannon to Julia, who was already working with Krysten (check out the “About Us” page to find these two). Together, they launched a successful financial planning company, and realized that this team was something special. Nicknamed “Admin Slayer” by Krysten early on, Shannon is the model administrator, and the heart, that our company is built upon.

As Admin Slayer has grown since our start in 2015, Shannon has moved from working full-time as a virtual assistant to the Chief Slayer, applying her skills both internally and externally as a leader. Each day, Shannon connects with Slayers to ensure they have the guidance and information they need to keep slaying, and follows up with clients to determine how we can continue to best serve and support their businesses.

As you know, we celebrate our wins at Admin Slayer as often as possible. We love to celebrate Shannon, who drives our core values, communications, and culture, each and every day.