Admin Slayer™ Ebooks!

Looking for all the answers? Want to learn everything you ever needed to know about being an entrepreneur, growing your business, and delegating to your team?  Want it all FOR FREE?

You’ve come to the right place.



Our very first ebook, released in 2016, is chock-full of everything you need to know about:

  • Focusing your time & energy on the work that only you can do and that you do best

  • How to actually delegate (it’s tougher than it sounds)

  • How to work with a virtual team - including a cost-benefit analysis

Plus productivity tips and resources, and worksheets you can use to implement all that knowledge right now



In our second ebook - released in 2017, we went out to the strategic partners we know, love, and recommend and asked them to give us their best one or two page rundown on what they think you need to know.

This ebook is fat, but somehow manages to be an easy read, with advice on:

  • Getting funding & investing in your business

  • Strategy & planning

  • Leadership & managing growth

  • Culture & Human Resources

  • Personal Development & Self-Care

  • Marketing

… And of course, our favourite: Productivity & Efficiency. Of course, we gave you an accompanying workbook so you can put all that information to work in your business and your life right now.