What our clients say

Christine Pilkington of Crisp Media even wrote an (unsolicited) article about us

"I have a wonderful feeling of trust with my Slayer Kim, and it’s allowed me to really step out of so much admin work and use my time much more effectively. SO happy with my support."

~Rachel Weinstein, Executive Coach, RW Coaching

“We had a gap in our admin capabilities and needed someone reliable to fill it. We'd had trouble in the past finding someone to complete certain duties remotely that was reliable and professional. Admin Slayer was amazing in both regards. They learned and documented our processes very quickly. And they completed their work on time and often faster than I expected. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a gap in their team.”


"Admin Slayer has eliminated my administrative tasks and allowed me to focus on my professional services. My Admin Slayer Margaret provides coordination/negotiation of meetings, editing, invoicing, summarizing reports, and organizing my schedule. My life is so much easier since finding Admin Slayer. I tell all of my colleagues to consider the advantages of this organization. Thank you Admin Slayer."

~Dr. Chris Gorman

"Admin Slayer has helped me take control of the important and time consuming tasks needed to support my business and my wonderful clients. My Slayer made the process easy to start and seamless day to day. Plus she was a delight to work with."

~Sherry Lachine, Broadmind

"Admin Slayer saved my sanity. Extremely efficient, competent, and professional. The dream admin team for every professional!"

~ Gina, Lawyer

"I knew I wanted to make a quantum leap in my business, but I knew I couldn't do it alone. Having worked with a VA in the past I was aware of the incredible asset they are, but since losing my right hand assistant of 5 years to a family emergency, I was gun shy about trusting someone as closely as I had her. Enter Lindsay, my slayer to slay all slayers. I can't say enough about her incredible ability to juggle all the moving pieces of my business, her gentle and kind nature as she cares for all my clients, and I'm thrilled to report that I've managed to 2X my revenues, quickly approaching 3X in the 9 months since she's come on board. Not to mention she is a whiz at creating a system as she goes. She carefully enters all the tasks into standard operating procedures, not only taking the administration task off my plate today, but creating an asset for my business by way of a created system.

The highlight of the year was sending messages back and forth while we both were enjoying the beaches of Mexico, me on the east coast, her on the west. Admin Slayer is the real deal. Don't delay getting a VA today! Total game changer."

~ Heather White

"As Content Mastery Guide has grown, I’ve found myself needing some extra support in delivering my expert social media and content services. I've worked with other virtual assistant teams in the past, but I wanted a Canadian team. With Admin Slayer I got that and so much more! I’d highly recommend Jiveney and the team at Admin Slayer. Jiveney’s attention to detail and efficiency at executing tasks allows me to focus on the most important parts of serving my clients and running my business."
~ Linda Dessau, Content Mastery Guide

"We have been supported by Shannon and her team at Admin Slayer since they opened their doors in 2015 and we can’t imagine doing business with any other VA company! Their commitment to accountability, follow through and responsiveness is truly remarkable, so much so that many of our best clients have noticed and commented on it. I have encouraged many business owners to consider including Virtual Assistants as a valuable part of their support team, and in my opinion, Admin Slayer is among the best and from what I can tell, they are pretty motivated to stay that way. Highly recommended!”

Michèle Soregaroli, Transformation Catalyst Corp.

"As a small growing business, the Admin Slayer team has made my life so much easier! Before I would spend hours doing things that they get done in 10 minutes and my monthly invoice is so reasonable I just keep giving them more. Shannon and her team have a turnaround time that is amazing. I never feel that just because I am small, I am not important. Thank you guys!" 

Gail H Jones, PhD, Gail Howell Jones

"So grateful for Admin Slayer! Whether I have a big project or intermittent small tasks that need doing, this crew is effective, efficient and quick. Thanks a bunch!"

~ Anna Jorgensen, Wingmam

“Jiveney is great and I can see more and more ways that she can support me in the coming months.”
~ Cathy Mann, Cathy Mann & Associates Inc.

"It has been a pleasure working with Jiveney.  I think your business model is awesome and I will be recommending Admin Slayer to anyone that asks!"

~ Andrea Pyle, Studio on Tenth

“As a sole proprietor, I’m used to handling everything on my own, but as my business grew, I knew I needed help to stay on top of everything. Admittedly, I was nervous about “letting go” of the control I had. The Admin Slayer team of Shannon, Tracey and my Slayer Kristen patiently guided me through the process of working with a virtual assistant and helped identify where and how they could help most effectively. I was impressed with their warmth and professionalism, and know I can count on them to get the job done!”
~ Noel D’Souza, CFP®, Money Coach and Financial Planner

"I knew I needed to implement a CRM system but felt overwhelmed by the thought of having to figure it out all on my own. I am so grateful for Tracey's guidance and expertise - she guided me through the Base system, provided a framework for setting up my processes and had me feeling excited about my business. Thank you Tracey and Admin Slayer!"

~ Lisa Zamparo, Lisa Zamparo Financial Strategist & Lifestyle Optimist

"We started working with Admin Slayer at the same time that a leader in our office would be away for an extended period.  Tracey was a huge help - many things that would have fallen through the cracks were captured and moved forward.  Even when things could not be resolved until the return of this leader, she was there for our clients, providing reassurance and assistance."

~ Kathy Waite, Your Net Worth Manager

"Admin Slayer managing my to-do list and calendar resulted in a $3,000 sale, which would have remained buried in my inbox and eventually would have become a missed opportunity as the time passed."

~ Christine Pilkington, Crisp Media Inc.

"When we found ourselves without an accountant almost overnight, I was introduced to Shannon at Admin Slayer and she and her team immediately sprang into action.  They took into account our needs and our budget, and were able to find the perfect person.  Claire brought all the skills we required, and stabilized our financial affairs until we were able to hire a permanent person.  Thanks, Admin Slayer!"

~ Vivian Smith, Executive Director at Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation

"A colleague recommended Admin Slayer to me as a virtual assistant.  I began with the bookkeeping support and couldn't be more pleased.  Systems were set up, procedures put in place, contacts made, and it all works smoothly and professionally.  I can now focus on what I am best doing, and not letting those critical pieces for which I have little interest get away on me."

~ Ken Haycock, Ken Haycock & Associates Inc.

"When your internet connection dies on payroll day, you have a problem. The local store needed to see my computer, wanted to charge a diagnostic fee and then wouldn't let me know how much it would cost to fix it.  All this as well as the seemingly typical response of, 'Probably not today, we're pretty busy'. Huge thanks to Admin Slayer Tech Guru Glenn who clearly walked me through what I had to do to get back up and running in about an hour. Disaster averted!"

~ Donna King, Beyond Balanced Books

"I hired Admin Slayer at just the right time in my business. My client base was growing and I was finding it difficult to keep up with scheduling and general admin tasks. Shannon was able to not only help out on organizing my schedule and following up with clients, but she also suggested various tools/ways to make processes more efficient."

"I was also apprehensive about having someone else step in and deal directly with clients, but this concern was completely unwarranted with Shannon. She is always professional and I feel completely comfortable with her interacting with customers. This has freed up my time to focus on other important business tasks such as sales and marketing."

"I would highly recommend Admin Slayer to any small business owner who is overwhelmed with admin work - Shannon will put your mind at ease!" 

~ Jamie Munro, Whisper Media     

"Shannon worked for me as I set up my private practice.  I have no hesitation in recommending Admin Slayer, Virtual Assistants as Shannon proved to be an efficient and valuable employee.  From preparing content using PowerPoint, MS-Word, and other software programs to proofreading and editing my professional correspondence, I knew that I could rely on the services that she provided.  Outsourcing my administrative duties increased my efficiency and gave me the time to devote to building my practice."

~ D.J. Crockett | President, Crockett Consulting Inc.