Scheduling. Emailing. Following up.
You go build your business.

We've got this.




Scheduling. Emailing. Following up.
You go build your business.

We've got this.


How It Works

How It Works

What we do

Administrative Services

All those tasks you hate. The reminders. The follow ups. The scanning. The note-taking.
All that etcetera that is absolutely vital to what your business does but is not what your business is.

At Admin Slayer™, our business is getting all of that off your desk and out of your way.

Our top-notch virtual administrative assistants can help you with:

  • Email triage

  • Calendar management

  • Appointment booking

  • Reservations

  • CRM setup and management

  • Thank you cards

  • Follow ups

  • Reminders

  • Proofreading and review

  • Data management and organization

  • Letter writing

  • Procedure creation

  • Template creation

  • Invoicing

  • Social media updates


…and everything else that falls through the cracks.

Admin Slayer managing my to-do list and calendar resulted in a $3000 sale, which would have remained buried in my inbox and eventually would have become a missed opportunity as the time passed.
— Christine Pilkington | Crisp Media Inc.





Bookkeeping Services

A top-notch bookkeeper makes your accountant happy and saves you money.

Regular bookkeeping - square.jpg

Regularly Scheduled

Admin Slayer’s team of bookkeepers come from a variety of backgrounds and industries. While routine bookkeeping and data entry is performed by an intermediate level bookkeeper, a review of month end and year end procedures is always performed by one of our Senior Leads, each of whom has over 20 years’ experience.

backlog bookkeeping

Catch up and
Backfill Bookkeeping

If your bookkeeping has fallen behind, or perhaps it never got started, we can help. We'll discuss your needs, the level of detail you require in your "backfill" and happily get you all caught up. If you require assistance with transitioning access to your data and your documents, we can guide you through that process.


Conversion to
QuickBooks Online

Being virtual, we use QuickBooks Online. We would be thrilled to look after a conversion for you. We can explain the time saving advantages of linking your bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online and help setup a cloud-based storage solution for keeping all your statements, bills and annoying little receipts all in one place.


No Jerks

No Jerks

The Admin Slayer™ “No Jerk” Policy

At Admin Slayer, we’re all about doing great work with great people.
We believe strongly that happy clients and happy slayers create mass success.

We believe in:

  • Doing amazing work for amazing people. We only hire the best, and we only take clients where we know we can add value.

  • Acting with integrity. Our slayers and our clients do what they say they’re going to do.

  • Owning mistakes when they happen. Even slayers are human. Grownups apologize, and make amends.

  • Speaking with kindness. Words are incredibly important, and can either cut someone down or bring them up to higher levels. We’re focused on success, which means bringing people UP.

  • Asking for help. We’re all good at something and terrible at something else. That’s why Admin Slayer was created – there are great people out there who can do all the stuff you’re just not so good at. Our clients, and our slayers, ask for help when they need it, without shame.

We don’t believe in:

  • Insults and other meanness

  • Violation of personal boundaries

  • Dishonesty and unfairness

Our clients and our slayers are professionals.  We didn’t really need a “no jerk” policy, but it was fun to write.