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What We Do

We are very serious about helping our business-owner clients achieve great success - in fact, it’s the reason why we exist.  At Admin Slayer, our goal is to fill in the missing pieces in their business, in an effective and efficient way, that allows the business to grow and become successful, with the support of a team of experts.

There are many businesses and business ideas that don’t achieve the level of success - or even traction - that they so richly deserve. It’s not because the idea was bad or the market wasn’t there. It’s because the business owner was great at that one thing they do, and they weren’t that great at some parts of business operation.

That’s where Admin Slayer comes in. Our team of experts knows how to operate businesses, from calendar management and telephone answering, to task management and completion, client service, process and procedure creation and maintenance, to social media management, dollars and cents, and much more. We do all those basic, vital pieces that are required in every single kind of business, no matter the industry - efficiently, effectively, and professionally.

What We Don’t Want

We have found that when we are developing any kind of goal - and we are so very, very goal focused at Admin Slayer - it’s important to clarify what we really don’t want before we dig into the things we do.

If any of the below are you, we know you have what it takes to be incredibly successful somewhere else.

  • You’re biding your time doing administration until that better thing that you really want comes to pass.

  • You don’t think that administration is a profession, nor that it really deserves a great deal of respect.

  • You don’t like learning, reading, or accepting guidance.

  • You think technology is strange and likely the work of the devil.

  • You think administration = data entry.

  • You’re looking for something to do off the side of your desk so you can make a few dollars when you’re not doing your ‘real’ job.

  • You don’t really like being proactive, and would rather passively receive specific guidance on every detail.

  • You don’t take pride in the work that you do.

  • You think that there are small jobs.

  • You don’t think communication is important.

  • You think that deadlines are movable and tasks can be “mostly” completed

  • You think working from home is something you can do at the same time that you pick up your kids, buy your groceries, do your laundry, cook meals, and take care of your aging parents. We tried that, it didn’t work. You can build your schedule around these things - many slayers have these same responsibilities - but you need dedicated work time and space to make this work.

We Would Love to Have

We would love to have you join our team if:

  • You are truly self-motivated, the type of person who cannot rest until all the things are working perfectly, on target and on time.

  • You think ahead and consider what you would want to have happen if this was your business.

  • People often wonder - out loud - what they would do without you.

  • You are an open, thoughtful communicator.

  • You have time during the regular work day (Monday to Friday kind of stuff), and can entirely focus on that work, like you would with a job that was live and in person.

  • You are curious and eager to learn. You love to grow and you don’t think you’ll ever be a finished product.

  • You have skills that you’d love to teach to others. Or, if you’re under confident in your skills, you’d love to have skills that you could teach others.

  • You get excited about words like “teamwork” and “collaboration”. It would be amazing to be a part of team that is actually supportive, and really believes in you.

  • You are super nerdy about processes and calendars and to-do lists. You write everything down (or if you haven’t, you think that’s a great idea, and you’ll just make a note of that… oh wait, yes that is a thing you do).

  • You believe that hard deadlines are hard deadlines; they aren’t adjustable, and you MUST adhere to them.

  • Quality is your name. Your first, last, and middle name. Everything you do is a reflection of YOU. You may even overdo things a little bit to make sure that they are just right.

  • Efficient and effective use of resources is something you’re kind of nutty about. (Many slayers use every single centimeter of a post-it note, and will even cut it up with scissors so that it can be used even more effectively. It’s literally a thing. We’re not entirely sure why.)

  • You honestly want the people around you to achieve success, and are ready to pitch in to help them do just that.

  • In the past, you’ve been called a mind-reader, and you often end up in charge of things that you didn’t intend… but that just keeps happening… for some reason…

  • You own what you are working on. Even if someone else is the leader, this is your job. You always make sure that your piece of the puzzle is complete, and helpful to the next person completing their piece. You’d also like to understand their piece of the puzzle better, because you’re pretty sure that knowing that would make your work better.

  • You are very, very protective of client data, beyond the basics of any privacy policy.

Admin Slayer mostly subcontracts self-employed individuals to work from their home. Slayers are grown ups, who take ownership of the work that they do, and are deeply aware of their responsibilities to our clients and our company.  Slayers often dedicate 10 to 30 hours per week to clients, Monday to Friday, in collaborative teams of two or more - which means you can support each other when you need time off, and ensures our clients have uninterrupted administrative help.  Having a space to work that is separate from the rest of your family, and work time that isn’t combined concurrently with other tasks (like raising children) has proven to be very, very effective.

Being a Slayer is an amazing work experience unlike any other: the flexibility of managing your work hours within your personal schedule, no commute, no dress code(!), yet a supportive and communicative team environment that will surprise you with its warmth, camaraderie, and complete lack of drama.

If you would like to find out more about how to become a Slayer, have a keen eye for detail and a passion for helping people, we want to hear from you! If your current work situation isn’t quite conducive to our model but you’d like to get there, we’d love to talk to you too!

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