Cheri has been a member of Admin Slayer’s administration and technology team since the spring of 2018, supporting clients from a cross section of industries and with varying levels of digital sophistication. Her favourite work tends to be project based, and has included integrating email and CRM systems, transitioning and managing data, updating and transferring websites, and generally wrangling software programs. Our Systems & Software Slayer is always ready to lend a hand, answer a quick question, and find a solution to a wild digital issue.

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Cheri’s past positions have spanned database management, website management, IT support, lesson planning, marketing design, program creation, event planning, communications, newsletter creation and management, project management and more. With a flexible mind, a history of chaos management, and a cheerful willingness to both teach and learn, we knew Cheri would add depth and knowledge to our team.

A softball player with a crafty side, Cheri is committed to her local community in rural Ontario, volunteering and supporting wherever she can. Her three children and husband are as thrilled as she is that her commute has been reduced to the office in her home, and that she is that much more energetic during family time.

With Admin Slayer’s diverse client portfolio, I’ve been exposed to a number of new and emerging technologies that I had not worked with before. I had been immersed in the not-for-profit sector for so many years, stepping out of that box to work with clients in all sectors has given me the opportunity to grow and learn more about technology. As well, being a slayer has given me the flexibility to manage my 3 busy children and still have a way to feel like I am being productive at home and in my virtual work environment.