Tracey was one of the very first slayers to join the team. One of Admin Slayer’s founders had worked with her in the past, and we coveted her. Convincing a seasoned administrator with a few decades’ experience in building businesses was easier than we thought - she was thrilled to be working remotely!  

A natural technology enthusiast, Tracey is irreplaceable when it comes to systems and process creation, document management, software, spreadsheets, proofreading… basically, making sure everything is completed correctly, professionally, and on time. Frankly, we'd be lost without her. With equal passions for scuba diving, travel, photography, and domestic felines, being a Slayer fits not only how Tracey works, but also how she lives.

You can learn about all of our slayers by visiting our team page.

Working from home gave me the flexibility to work around my own schedule... and I love it!