Carla began working with Admin Slayer in early 2018, after nearly a year of discussions and interactions with our executive team. The long list of software programs on her skills list, her persistent reminders that she was ready for work, and her deep desire to focus on the administrative profession made her a shoo-in to join our team.

Why a year? Hiring is hard work. We had to ensure that not only were we hiring a great new team member, but also that we had the right business owners to match with her. Carla has become a pivotal player on several slayer teams that support business owners across Canada, providing social media, writing, calendar management, email triage, customer service and more.

With over a decade working in administrative positions that have included everything from data entry and document management to communications, spreadsheet and document creation, not to mention some human resources experience, Carla is a talented slayer with a careful focus on detail.

Carla lives in Ontario with her husband and daughter, and, since joining the team, has found that she is able to satisfy her deep desire to learn by simply working with the wide variety of business owners we serve.

An information hound at heart, Carla has training in strategic management, severe weather spotting, amateur radio operation, crisis intervention, child care, is a Red Cross first aid instructor, and even took some courses on the history of the British Isles. She loves to read, enjoys exploring through travel, and spends a lot of her down time with drum sticks in hand - when she’s not volunteering as a social media coordinator for a women’s shelter and a public school!

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Being a slayer works for me because it’s finally a job that can keep up with me.