Ellen sent us her resume and then followed up relentlessly. When we think your follow up is relentless, you’re in a class all of your own. We knew she had to be something special, and when we spent some time with her, we were convinced.

Ellen’s Bachelor of Management in Advanced Accounting and 15 years’ experience in finance, with job titles ranging from accountant to chief administration officer, have given her a deep understanding of accounts payable, receivable, profit & loss, financial software, GST, PST, HST, cash flow management, budgeting, all those year end filings and much, much more. She goes beyond the basics of bookkeeping, creating standards, procedures, and providing support to the rest of your team.

Ellen believes that bookkeeping is about much more than reporting to the government. She wants your accounting program to work for you, to give you the reports and information you need to better manage your business.

With three active kids involved in many activities, and a shift-working husband, Ellen loves the flexibility that working virtually provides. In her very small Saskatchewan town, the opportunities to flex her mental muscles have been limited. Being a slayer has given her the freedom to do work she enjoys, rather than just what's available.

Ellen loves to play games with her kids - they can get quite competitive. She’s an avid reader and has recently uncovered the joy of audiobooks. With numbers, knowledge, a game of Exploding Kittens, and a chai tea latte in hand, our Detective Slayer is ready to whip your books into a shape you never knew was possible.

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Don’t waste your time doing something you don’t enjoy because the money isn’t worth it.