Happy Summer! We hope you’re out there swimming, sunbathing, and generally enjoying some relaxation. Summer is often a time when thoughtful introspection occurs, perhaps as you gaze over the ocean, swing in the hammock, or paddle on water. It’s a time to recharge, reconsider, and reset.

It’s just the right time to think about your own Emotional Resilience. As you may know, our 2019 theme is Resilience, and we’ve been sharing ideas on how to increase your resilience in your finances, team, pipeline of new business, technology, self-care, and nourishment.

As a business owner your world is different from those with more traditional jobs. You don’t have a boss, you are the boss, and the buck consistently stops with you, which means higher levels of risk, stress, and - of course - reward. You need to build powerful emotional resilience in order to maintain your current levels of success, and to reach beyond it. We’ve got a few ideas about how to do just that, right here.

In that same vein, your relationships are necessarily different, with unique stressors and concerns. Two of our executive team members collaborated on an article walking through the challenges that entrepreneurs face in their romantic lives… and some thoughts about how to strengthen that amazing source of energy in your life.

Finally, we know you love reading about slayers and Kim, our Coordination Slayer, is giving us all a peek into a day in her life. Ever wonder what it’s like to work from home, with multiple clients, and a collaborative team stretched from coast to coast? Kim’s slice of life gives you a bird’s eye view into the unique life of a unique slayer.

What kind of resilience are you looking to build this year? Write to us at info@adminslayer.com and we’ll feature your thoughts in an upcoming article.