Are you ready??? September, that month of new beginnings, is just over the horizon…

As you shake the lazy days of summer out of your head and start thinking about how you and your business will WIN in the last 4 months of 2019, your mind could very well turn to marketing.

Marketing, as a concept, can be incredibly confusing. Is it advertising? Is it branding? Is it strategy? Is it reputation? Is it customer service? Is it technology? Is it social media? Is it… well… everything?

In many ways, marketing is all of those things, and much more. The scope is so enormous that many a business owner can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume, and slam on the brakes. We can make up excuses for how marketing is not “our thing” and maybe we’re “just not creative” or “just not techie”, and walk away from the reality that we need to embed thoughtful, mindful marketing strategy in every single aspect of our businesses.

That doesn’t mean that we all have to become experts in marketing. Of course not! We are experts in that thing we do, the businesses we run. We can’t be skilled in everything - but we can find others who are. We can definitely get professional help to create our marketing strategy (no, we don’t do that) and even more professional help to implement it (yes, we do that!).

If you’ve been following along throughout 2019, you know our theme has been Resilience, and because we know that you’re about ready to slam out the home runs before the end of the calendar year, we’ve got a few thoughts on creating resilience in one area of marketing: your reputation.

What people think about you and say about you - especially in public - is your brand, whether you’ve designed it or not. We recommend that you take charge of it, and here are a few thoughts on how.

And of course, last but never least, we’ve got a team member to introduce you to. Tammy, our Operations Slayer, hails from the Canadian prairies and knows more than a little bit about systems, confidential data, and running a ranch. We know you’ll love her just as much as we do.

What kind of resilience are you looking to build this year? Write to us at and we’ll feature your thoughts in an upcoming article.