...of Kim

July 2019 Kim Carroll 750 px.jpg

5:00 am - Alarm goes off, and it’s time to begin the day. Shower and Get Ready!

6:00 am - It is summer break, which means I have some quiet time on my deck at the cottage before my daughters (8 and 5) wake up! Sign into Client A’s Wunderlist to check on tasks due today, and those that are coming up. Respond to emails, re-schedule and book upcoming client meetings.

7:00 am - Sign into Client B’s Hubspot. Notice a task regarding an upcoming business lunch. We have decided on a date, and a location, so it is time to make the reservation. Open Google Calendar - more calendar work - My absolute favorite! Make note of the decided location in Hubspot, then use Open Table to make reservations.

7:30 am - My little ones are awake and so is my husband (finally). Time for family breakfast.

8:00 am - Husband leaves for work. The girls and I take advantage of the gorgeous morning at the cottage - working virtually means I get to spend my summers oceanside - and go for a walk on the beach. Need to take advantage while the tide is out! Grab my Fitbit and of course the dog, and off we go!

10:00 am - Girls head to visit with Nannie next door, while I tackle any assigned projects in Asana for Client C. Open HelloSign to edit a PDF to send for e-signature. Open Zoom and schedule a Leadership Team meeting - cross referencing ten executives’ Google Calendars is challenging, but I do love that challenge!

11:30 am - I have wrapped up all work for Client A and B for the day. I sign into Slack - and update my team members on ongoing tasks for the afternoon for the day for Clients A & B.

12:00 pm - Lunch with my kids - missing the quiet lunches when they are in school.

1:00 pm - Client D is a busy realtor in the GTA. Check email and notice a new listing, take professional photos and house description and add them to the real estate database. Go to Yorkville’s to order custom housewarming gifts for another client who is moving in to their new home next week.

2:00 pm - It is a beautiful sunny day and it’s time to hit the water! Get the sunscreen on, grab the floaties (which include a dino, flamingo and peacock ). I grab our Bluetooth portable speaker, and turn up the Summer Mix on Spotify and off we go!

3:30 pm - Wunderlist sent me a reminder that Client C’s monthly expenses are due in two days. Need to sign into Expensify and ensure all charges and invoices match before hitting ‘submit’.

4:00 pm - Sign into Client E’s Outlook inbox and bring up an online Excel spreadsheet to track any online sales leads.

5:00 pm - My Husband is home from work. Supper at the cottage means BBQ on the deck with the family.

6:30 pm - Tide is still in, time for a family kayak before putting the kids to bed.

8:00 pm - Wet bathing suits and towels are hung to dry and dishes are done. My dog and I go for a quiet walk, just the two of us to unwind from a busy day.

9:00 pm - Netflix with my husband which we stream on our Chromecast, before bed.