Can you feel it? The breeze... the slightly higher temperatures... the warmth... is that... spring????

We hope by the time this message reaches you, the season is in full and delightful swing in your neck of the woods. If you're in the southern hemisphere, perhaps you're feeling respite from the heat with the arrival of fall. No matter where you've landed in the world, the changing of the seasons can signal all kinds of changes in you, and your business. Change is inescapable, like death and taxes, but unlike those other two, change can be incredibly positive. But even positive change is stressful, and resilience can help us manage through it.

As you may know, the Admin Slayer theme for 2019 is Resilience: the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, or stress. In January, we shared our thoughts on building a financial resilient company and in February, we were all about building your resilient team. In March, we encouraged you to build your resilient pipeline and in April, we suggested that you take action to support your resilient technology.

This month, we encourage you to focus on the key source of energy and growth in your business: YOU. In part one of a two part series on personal resilience, we take you through the actions and non-actions that can help you heal throughout and after those trying times. Part two, to come in June, will focus on how to create even more energy, once you've managed to rebuild.

We know that many a business owner will give a little side-eye at the idea of self care. "I mean, honestly, who has time or even inclination for bubble baths?" we can almost hear you saying. We promise you: this is a lot more proactive than a long soak when you don't want it. Give it a whirl and feel free to reply to this email to let us know what kind of self-care you find creates the most resilience in your life.

Our friend Dr. Gail Howell-Jones shares her words of wisdom on how to handle a busy life - mindfully, with a focus on reducing the chittering from our 'monkey minds'. Gail, a registered psychologist, clinical supervisor, speaker, and author, provided this article for our wildly successful ebook, The Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide, a collection of great advice from experts we know and love. While you're checking out that one, don't forget our first ebook, The Art of Delegation, full of key tips, tools, and worksheets to help you develop your delegation muscle.

Oh, and by the way: Have you met Katie? Our Inventive Slayer joined the team in February and has hit the ground running. Come learn more about this professional administrator, who brings powerful marketing, sales, and writing chops to Admin Slayer and - if you work with us - your own business.

What kind of resilience are you looking to build this year? Write to us at