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A digital native with a great writing style, Katie is quick to jump in on any new project and get you started. Hailing from the Atlantic Coast, Katie came to Admin Slayer with a marketing degree and many years of sales, marketing, social media, and administrative experience. She loves to learn new things, and often will find courses and data to teach herself when she finds something interesting.

Katie has been working closely with the Admin Slayer executive team, helping us write grant applications, organize our Administrative Professionals Day celebrations, new social media and marketing initiatives, and much more. At the same time, she’s working closely with our clients, providing customer service, thoughtful meeting input, email triage, and marketing support. She genuinely feels that she works with the Admin Slayer team, and says that her strengths, schedule, and interests are not only heard, but are prioritized (Thanks Katie! We try!).

She loves seeking new information, stating: I can legitimately find a needle in a haystack online. An item sold out? I'll find it in a jiffy. Want to track down an old friend? I'll send you a link to their Facebook profile faster than you can say, "boo!"

Katie is a wine enthusiast and Netflix binge watcher, working it off as a gym rat when she’s not learning more about interior design, fashion, style… and SEO - because why not? In her “spare” time (?) she happens to parent to a complex brood, which has given her expert logistic and time management skills that she puts to use every day at Admin Slayer.

I’ve always been quite envious of individuals with specific skills who enjoy the flexibility of working from home while doing something they love. I’ll never have the skills to work from home as a Massage Therapist, Esthetician (trust me when I say, you do not want me painting your toenails), Online Tutor, etc. But! I do have Administrative skills. In an increasingly digital age, Admin Slayer has empowered me to apply my skills virtually in a way that fits my lifestyle instead of the other way around.