Happy End of June! Nearly half of the year is already behind us, and those goals you set 6 months ago are coming to fruition, or tossed, reformed, and adjusted to meet with reality. What are you doing to set yourself up for great success in the last half of the year?

At Admin Slayer, we retreat. Every June we meet up in real life to share wins, challenges, and build even stronger relationships. By the time you read this newsletter, we'll be freshly back and invigorated by everything we have worked on during our annual retreat, ready for all great things we'll be doing through the next 6 months, and beyond. In previous years we've written articles like Why Admin Slayer Retreats Don't Suck & Still Not Sucking: Admin Slayer's Third Annual Retreat. We'll be giving you another update as soon as we've had time to process all the work we've done this year with our amazing facilitator, Pam Schmidt.

If you're wondering why we keep bringing Pam back every single year, you'll start to understand once you read her article on Leading Change. Pam's insight into the way you communicate the WHY and vision for your business has been, and continues to be, so important to everything we do here at Admin Slayer.

Of course we are continuing our 2019 series on Resilience: the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, or stress. In May, we gave you part one in our two part series-within-a-series, on self-care and healing. This month, we are following that up with part two, a short summary on how you can create even more energy now that you've mastered taking care of yourself.

Don't forget to head back to our January article on building a financially resilient company, and our February advice on building your resilient team. In March, we shared some tips on building your resilient pipeline and in April, we we provided ways for you to support your resilient technology. Since summer is often about introspection, look for our July and August articles on emotional resilience and building a resilient reputation. We'll be heading back into operational resilience in the fall.

Our most popular article every single month is always about Slayers, and this month we're introducing you to Karyn, our Archival Slayer. Karyn brings an absolute wealth of knowledge, nerdy skillsets, and a deep love for organization. We know you'll enjoy working with her as much as we do!

Finally, we're excited to share that Small Biz Daily published Julia's thoughts on surviving the first 3 years in business. Start ups are tough for everyone, and we know that first hand from running our own operations, and helping you become successful in yours.

What kind of resilience are you looking to build this year? Write to us at info@adminslayer.com.