For more than two years, Karyn had been hearing about Admin Slayer. As she considered how she would transition from a nearly full-time parent to whatever the next stage of her life might look like, Karyn realized that the opportunity might just be perfect - and we agreed!

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A naturally quiet individual, Karyn really switches gears when she has the opportunity to work with and talk about history and information. She loves digging into the records of people and organizations, learning how past decisions were made, what is relevant today, and what should stay in the past where it belongs. It doesn’t just stop there though, because Karyn wants to make information accessible to people, determining who needs to know what, when, and the best way to get it in front of their faces.

Given her interests, you may not be surprised that she’s got a Master of Arts in Archival Studies, and nearly a decade of customer service and administration expertise, using such a wide array of software tools - both up to date and out of date - that she’s likely to conquer just about any new system that comes across her screen. She’s also got an odd but incredibly useful interest in filling out forms, which is a necessary evil in any business!

Karyn and her family live in Southern Ontario, where she volunteers in the community when she’s not slaying admin and driving her children to sports and other activities. She loves to read, hike about outdoors, and when time permits, travel with her family to dig further into their shared love of history.

Aside from the flexibility in my working day and the lack of a commute (and business suits!), what appeals to me as a Slayer is being able to help people manage their lives and companies. My background in research, organization and customer service seems to be a perfect mix for what Admin Slayer provides to its clients, and I am excited to bring my skills to the table and join the team in providing quality service to our customers.