How is February almost over already?

We've been busy this month welcoming the Year of the Pig, which arrived February 5th, and wish you great fortune in the year ahead! We are always looking for ways to celebrate our team, and in honour of the Lunar New Year, we gave this Gift of Hope through Plan International in the name of our Slayers - because it's something really close to our hearts.

We're feeling pretty darn warm about our team, and we hope we can help you feel the same way about yours. As you know, our theme for 2019 is Resilience, and we turned our minds to building a resilient team, something you know we value deeply. A great, resilient team is there for you through good times and bad - and here's how to build it.

We've also got a guest post from our friend Fred Feistmann. We have spent a lot of time chatting with him about how to leverage personality tests on your team to delegate well and create incredible value. You can learn more about his thoughts in this excerpt from the Entrepreneur's Survival Guide.

Last and never, ever least, we're excited to introduce you to our Coordination Slayer, who hails from the Atlantic Coast, armed with colour-coded calendars and deep insights into communications. Have you met... Kim?

What kind of resilience are you looking to build this year? Write to us at!