It's beginning to look a lot like...


We are just curious... how are you holding up?

For many people, and especially entrepreneurs, this can be a uniquely stressful time of year. It may feel even worse because we're "supposed" to be merry, we're "supposed" to have warm fuzzies, and even worse, we're "supposed" to get a whole lot of things done.

If you've got a bad case of the "supposed to’s", we invite you to read our latest article on perfectionism. We'll admit that we've been guilty of carrying this particularly painful piece of baggage around with us for a long, long time. Seriously, how could a team of professional administrators and bookkeepers not have a little bit of crippling anxiety about getting everything just right? Want to know how we deal with it? Sure you do.

Not feeling stressed about the winter holidays? You earn a prize. If you've already got your mind on 2019's marketing strategy, our good friend Jamie Munro, who has created thoughtful, engaging videos for many of our clients (including our sister company, Spring Plans), has some tips on how great videos can bolster your business.

If the idea of process and system creation is lighting up your visions of 2019, first of all: Do you want to hang out sometime? We have SO MUCH to say about this, and some people get really bored. While your slayer checks your calendar for dates when we can hook up for coffee and nerdy business organization chatter, have a preliminary read of our November article on how to create a process. It's SO FUN. No, really.

Speaking of fun, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our very own Aspen - the Eagle Eye Slayer. She was one of our Virtual Holiday Party organizers this year (all the cool kids are doing it), and has a contagious laugh we know you'll just love. Get to know all about Aspen here.

Curious about our Virtual Holiday Party? We had a great time, connecting across the country on video conference, sharing our uniforms ("pajamas" to the rest of the world), stories of strange canned foods (did you know canned whole chicken is a thing?), our favourite holiday beverages, and our Secret Santa gifts. This year, each of us picked a gift that we thought that the slayer assigned to us would have loved as a child. We shared that gift with the group, and then donated it to a local charity so a child in each slayer’s community would have a bit more joy over the holidays. We're so proud to say that this idea came from our party organizers, Aspen and Carla, and we were thrilled to support toy drives, food banks, animal shelters, and more from coast to coast. Check out our Instagram account for a view into that fun evening.

The Admin Slayer team is definitely taking some holidays throughout the season, but not to worry - we'll never leave you hanging. If you're working with us already, we definitely have a plan in place. If you're not working with us well, honestly, you're just missing out. Get in touch and tell us all your administrative wishes!

For now, we wish you all the fun and as much relaxation as possible this season, and look forward to sharing even more productivity lessons with you in 2019!

Your Admin Slayer Team

Shannon, Tracey, Krysten, Julia, Lindsay, Jiveney, Cheri, Aspen, Carla, Ellen, Gail, Jessica,
Jill, Kim, Kimberlee, Mandy, Margaret, SVT, Tiffany, and the Yeti.