Oh you should.

Aspen completed her Slayer training under the eagle eyes of our Versatile and Intuitive Slayers, who gave her an A+ in professional administration, accountability, adaptability, and attitude. With years of highly confidential professional administration experience and training in her pocket, a ready laugh, and a highly coveted grammar hammer, Aspen has hit the ground running.

Aspen’s super powers include adapting to change and rolling with the punches, a trait we seek in slayers because small businesses need team members who can pivot quickly. She’s one of the most talented proofreaders we’ve had the pleasure to work with, spotting spelling mistakes, picking apart run-on sentences, and discussing the etymology of words with terrifying preciseness. Never one to get stuck in analysis paralysis, she works efficiently to ensure your message gets out professionally and on time.

Aspen loves learning, as evidenced by the arm’s length list of courses on her resume, and is an excellent communicator. She is just as comfortable with numbers as she is with words, and gets weirdly charged up about implementing new processes.

When she’s not slaying with us, Aspen is slaying at home. She’s a bit of a foodie and loves trying new restaurants and cooking. She has patience for both interior decorating and renovations, and volunteers on her youngest son’s soccer team and at school for both children.

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Not long ago I was standing in a line and making chit-chat with the person next to me. As I was telling her about what I do as a virtual assistant, she commented that it was clear that I was one of the few that love their job. It hit me; I AM one of the lucky few! How many people can say that?