The first quarter of the year is over (!!!) and the stage has been set for the rest of the year. If you haven't stopped to review those amazing goals you set in January, now is the time. 

Before you get into it though, expect that some things have fallen off, changed, or even become unimportant. This is the time to take a look at how reality has shaped your planning, make updates and use the knowledge you've gained in the past few months to make your planning better

Forgot to set goals? Not sure how to get started? Not to worry - we've written about this before (we may have a tendency to repeat ourselves). Spend a few minutes this week reading our Planning Like a Boss article from 2017 - it'll turn up the fire on your second quarter. 

Now that you've got your plans out, and just in case you've got a pile of calendar entries that you're not looking forward to, here are a few tips on how to turn those networking events and coffee meetings into occasions you'll actually get something out of.

If the last quarter has been full of internal culture and HR issues, we know just what you need. The amazing Heidi Eaves from Project House is here to help with tips on how to build an engaging, honest, and healthy culture (via an excerpt from the Entrepreneur's Survival Guide). 

You know we believe in the power of delegation, and we know that getting there can actually be really hard. Last month, we shared the very first step - creating your business task list. This month, we've got the next step: putting that list to work

Last - and never, ever least - have you met Ellen? Our own Detective Slayer has been working through a lot of year ends recently, preparing all the details for your accountant. You know what's weird? She really likes it. 

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