At Admin Slayer, we believe in knowing our strengths and digging deep to make the most of them. We also know that there are times when - believe it or not - the right addition to your team isn’t a Slayer. We know, it’s bizarre, but it happens. When we meet business leaders who are looking for talent in arenas outside of Admin Slayer’s scope, we turn to Catherine Ducharme at Smart Savvy & Associates (who turns to us for the same reason!). There’s somebody for everybody, in work and love and life, and we want you to find that someone when you need them. We like Catherine and Smart Savvy because, like us, they are focused on people, and on quality.

We also love how nerdy they are about growing leadership, and putting action into that belief. Smart Savvy & Associates hosts a monthly leadership lounge open to any leader to attend. Join them at - we might just see you there!