Are you living in chaos? As you fall deeper into the abyss, paperwork and emails flying around, crashing your computer and your business, if you’re lucky, you might just find… Kimberlee.

Bringing Kimberlee into Admin Slayer was a no-brainer for us. Already a virtual assistant when we found her, she came equipped with amazing administration skills and even bookkeeping experience. We knew right away she had the skill set we needed to help our clients succeed. Then, we found out how good she really is.

There’s a lot about being a Slayer that has to do with being technically proficient, but there’s much more about being a Slayer that has to do with being a mindful, forward-thinking problem solver. If you can train for it, it probably takes a long time, but we are lucky enough that Kimberlee just came out of the box like that - fully equipped with both the aptitude and attitude to Slay, Slay, Slay, every day.

When she’s not reading minds, scheduling meetings and travel across multiple time zones, bookkeeping, creating documents and presentations, and keeping an eye on all the tasks that need completion to make a business successful, Kimberlee feeds her voracious appetite for knowledge by taking online courses in everything from web development to coding. In her “spare time”,  her creative capacity is filled with making music, spinning hulahoops (yes, you read that correctly), practicing yoga, and riding her bicycle.

Being a Slayer provides Kimberlee with the flexibility to explore the world around her, create, and learn. We know we can count on her to make sense of chaos that is simply natural to many of the entrepreneurs we serve.