We hope you are feeling rested and rejuvenated, and if you're not, that you have some plans to get yourself a little downtime. In either case, now is a great time get some thoughtful planning in place, especially if you or your company gets slower this time of year. Wouldn't you know it: we have just the tools to help you calmly think your way into the last stretch of the year.

First, if business plans make you roll your eyes and groan out loud, let us assure you that while, yes, you need a business plan - it doesn't have to hurt. If you're dreaming of a bigger, more effective business, then this excerpt from the Entrepreneur's Survival Guide, written by Renegade Planner Jessica Oman, is just what you need to simplify the planning process and make it work for you. 

Second, it's time to get your website in order. Yes, even if you aren't looking for new clients and want to stay under the radar. Yes, even if you are just waiting to get that new, super duper, ultra-fancy website completed, and it's taking longer than you expected.... you still need to have a decent online footprint in place. It doesn't have to cost the earth, and it'll make you look more professional, every time. 

Finally, we're always excited to tell you what we've been up to and to introduce you to our team. This month, you'll find a quick summary of our really amazing Third Annual Retreat, and an introduction to our very own Kimberlee, The Creative Slayer. If you've been watching us on social media, you'll know that we participated in GISH for the second year in a row, an international scavenger hunt that encourages participants to be creative, weird, and kind. Through the hunt, we helped raise over US$250,000 to help women in Rwanda, survivors of genocide, build a sustainable cooperative farm and market place. Check out our social media (links below) to see some of our entries!