We've got a secret for you: You're not like anyone else.

For example, the month of December is renowned for specific activities - socializing, shopping, slamming out those year-end pieces of work. But realistically, it's a very different month for everyone. For some product-based businesses, it is the busiest month of the year. But for others, it is not. For some service-based businesses, it is the slowest month of the year. Yet, for others, it is not.

Even for those businesses that have fixed "busy periods" (hello accountants!) the ebb and flow of the year can change depending on how your specific business - with its specific strengths, markets, and intentions - operates.

If you are looking at this time of year as your end/beginning, we invite you to take a bit of a perspective shift. While we believe - deeply - in the importance of ongoing review, goal setting, and planning, we also believe that you have your very own "year", and that your end/beginning should occur around it.

Not sure when your year begins and ends? Here is a quick-and-dirty way to find out:

  • Business Assessment: Analyze your financial reports*
    • When do you have the highest/lowest level of income?
    • When do you have the highest/lowest level of expenses?

Between those two, you will be able to make an approximation of your actual "busiest" time of year. It might not be what business magazines and textbooks tell you. For instance, Admin Slayer's slowest time of year has typically been July and August, with our busiest times of year between November and May. We keep an eye on this from year to year (because OH how things can change!), and plan vacations, reviews, planning retreats around it.

Don't have quite enough financial data? Try this instead:

  • Self Assessment: When do you mentally slow down/pick up?
    • Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Late at Night
    • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday...etc...
    • Spring/Summer/Winter/Fall

Somewhere in there will be your own personal energy peaks and valleys. Slayers range from painfully-early-in-the-morning people through to so-late-at-night-it's-technically-tomorrow people. We have some who start the week fresh and invigorated, while others really need a day to plan and get into the groove. We plan our days around when we can be at our best, and give ourselves the necessary time to review, set goals, plan ahead, and - most importantly - recharge. (We highly recommend planning your "off" days before planning your "on" days... another perspective shift that makes a huge difference.)

Remember that the calendar we use is actually an abstract concept created by Pope Gregory XIII. One of the joys of being a business owner is the ability to design your life and your business around you - you'll be more successful and less stressed if you do.

Despite having our own special year, Slayers also have families and will be taking time off over the holiday season - and we hope you are too. If you are a client, you'll be receiving notification from Chief Slayer Shannon outlining when your assigned Slayer(s) will be taking time off, and the systems we have in place to ensure your business receives seamless coverage. If you're not a client and need a little back-up support over the holidays, just drop us a line and we'll help you out.

All the best for the holidays from your Admin Slayer Team!

Shannon, Krysten, Julia, Tracey, Janice, Anna, Ashlee, Carly, Claire, Donna, Fiona,
Glenn, Jennifer, Jiveney, Kris, Leeta, Lindsay, Tanya, and Trish

*Not sure how to access or analyze your financial reports? Ask us!