Some people are jugglers. Some people are not. (Some people are apparently Space Cowboys as well, but we digress). Tiffany, who has successfully run her own business in the past, is definitely a juggler - and perhaps weirdly, she really likes it.

When we met Tiffany, her buoyant, cheerful personality, along with her incredible attention to detail and bookkeeping experience confirmed that she was already a Slayer - she just needed to join our team. Tiffany has a deep love of organization, fabulous communication skills, and a dogmatic approach to data management. She adores lists and is a master of relocation, as she has never lived longer than 4 years in one place. Tiffany can even put together furniture, and change elements on a gas stove - but we won’t ask her to try to do that virtually.

At Admin Slayer, Tiffany provides virtual bookkeeping, data management, and data entry for financial planners. We’re certain she’ll be expanding further into those arenas that require careful attention to detail and a clear understanding of financial information.

Being home and present in the lives of my daughters is my most important priority. Being a Slayer has allowed me to do just that! I can attend class functions, field trips and meetings. I am home to hear about their successes and wonderful news of the day, while it is still fresh in their minds, and equally, when the day was not so good, to be an ear and where necessary a shoulder to cry on. I am also able to provide my spouse the peace of mind to be his best self at his job, because he does not need to stress over what is going on at home. He knows I have it covered. I am so very grateful to have found Admin Slayer!

Tiffany is a hard-core sports fan: specifically, football (Go Riders!) and baseball (Go Jays!)*. She also plays slowpitch and coaches softball. On top of that, she loves crafts, scrapbooking - generally creating - and the occasional glass of wine. You’d think with all of that, Tiffany would be exhausted, but she also runs a busy household and family, which is why being a Slayer works for her.

*Admin Slayer supports all sports teams in their sportsing. Go Sports!