When Tammy heard about Admin Slayer from our Intuitive Slayer, Lindsay, she wondered if it was all too good to be true. A few years later, when Lindsay was still going strong and moving up inside the company, Tammy decided that probably was true - and it was time for her to join our team.

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A reliable slayer with an addiction to hard work, Tammy enjoys organizing words, numbers, files and more, keeping business owners focused on what they do best. She loves digging into the overall operations of the businesses she assists, understanding systems and drawing out opportunities to increase efficiencies and success. 

A ready volunteer for almost any opportunity, Tammy’s experience in medical offices and pharmacies has provided her with high quality customer service skills and a careful mind for detail. At home, Tammy has a family ranch, and three active sons. On top of daily slaying, she also drives the school bus, works for her local grazing co-op, and is often out in the fields, lending a hand. The flexibility of slayer life has given her the opportunity to support her family and community while also growing in a career she loves. 

In those rare moments of relaxation, Tammy loves to read, ride horses, camp, and savour dark chocolate. She loves live music and visiting with friends, and will always have a little space left over for quiet times with her family.

Being a Slayer is the perfect position for me as I live 30 miles from the nearest town. Our remoteness makes it very challenging to find a job that pays enough to cover travel expenses. Admin Slayer has given me the work that I enjoy and can do from home. It can’t get any better than that! The people I work with at Admin Slayer are all very friendly and supportive. I hope to increase my hours working with Admin Slayer over the next few years; it’s definitely a long term job for me.