As with many of our Slayers, Margaret’s family life keeps her busy. With two kids, a husband, a committed fitness schedule, and a passion for learning, she’s a slayer who knows how to get things done.

Organization and scheduling are at the heart of Margaret’s work as a Slayer. If your calendar is a disaster that keeps you up at night, you just can’t remember which time zone that conference call is in, or where you need to be tomorrow for that thing you meant to do, she’ll stay on top of it and keep you on the straight and narrow. Margaret keeps your social media channels brimming with content, and makes sure you’re well-prepared and on time for all those niggling little deadlines.

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Margaret’s super power is rolling with the punches. She loves routine but at the same time, she knows that plans are bound to change without any warning. Margaret knows just how to adapt to constantly changing situations, ensuring she’s flexible for all the changes that naturally occur in both personal and work life.

She’s a fitness geek, with experience and training in both physical and nutritional health. Margaret wants to stay at her mental and physical peak, and finds no greater joys than climbing mountains, paddling on water, crossing a finish line, or getting out there on the pitch assisting her son’s soccer team.


Slaying part time is great in giving me some control over at least part of my day. I can be there in the mornings for the kids to help prepare them for their day, and for morning drop off. An awesome thing about Admin Slayer is the fantastic team/family feel there is, and knowing there’s always support when you need it. Plus there’s comfort for me in knowing when my family relocates again, I can keep on Slaying!