Deep in the land of grain farming, living skies, and cold winters, you’ll find Lindsay - active traveler, parent, and incredibly intuitive Slayer. Lindsay is at once personal and efficient, ensuring that the work gets done and the people are cared for. She’s the perfect personal assistant: able to manage incredibly challenging schedules, manage data, maintain confidentiality, and interact warmly with every person she meets. 

Lindsay’s experience in government agencies has provided her with a strict understanding of confidentiality and privacy, and patience for dealing with bureaucracy. Her degree in Business Administration (with specialties in Human Resources and Marketing) and her lifelong commitment to completing those unfinished tasks that “burn a hole in her soul” makes her an incredibly useful, wildly overqualified, addition to the Admin Slayer team.

Lindsay is a creative soul, with a passion for crochet - you should see her hats! - and an addiction to organizing people. When she’s not camping and boating with her family, or reading in those few moments she has to herself, you can find her volunteering in her community and with her children’s schools, raising funds, coordinating people, and just making it happen. She loves being a Slayer almost as much as we love having her on the team, as she can manage her own time - between work, family, creativity, and volunteering - and working from home makes it easier to keep all her commitments

Working from home allows me to be there for my kids, which is so very important to me and my family. And even though my co-workers are geographically all over the place, I still feel very much a part of a great team.