Kris previously worked with one of our founders at a financial services firm, providing administrative support to the Compliance Team. When she started growing her family, we started talking about how Admin Slayer would be a great fit - for her, and for us.

Kris’ cheerful, friendly demeanour combined with her background in the complex world of finance has provided her with a fantastic skill set. She builds and maintains relationships, helping clients feel confident and comfortable, while cheerfully working through some tasks that others might find both repetitive and boring. Strongly aware of the role that regulation plays in the world of business, Kris can spot errors in that contract and write up a process document that takes into consideration risks you hadn’t considered.

Kris adds sparkle and personality to the Admin Slayer community; we love having her on our team and in our lives.

"For me, being a Slayer has been a great experience. As a mom, juggling a newborn’s nap schedules and picking up my older kids from school, I was still able to develop relationships with my clients and complete tasks which worked around everybody’s schedule. I have been with Admin Slayer since November of 2015 and have only positive things to say about the Management Team and my fellow Slayers. I appreciate this community we have developed and, oh yeah, I enjoy the work."