Kimberlee had been working as a solo virtual assistant and then returned to the regular day-to-day grind. She found she missed being a virtual assistant, and was intrigued at the opportunity to work on a team of VAs, so she reached out to Admin Slayer.

We were pretty excited to have the opportunity to work with someone who had experience in our digital world, and a skill set that included marketing, writing, bookkeeping, payroll, and human resources. We also loved the look of her resume and her well-written introductory email - we can be pretty nit-picky about those things!

Kimberlee’s ability to look at the big picture, spot issues and opportunities - as well as the deep curiosity that leads her to ask many, many questions - has made her an incredibly useful slayer for those business owners who could benefit from an intuitive mind. We’ve found her to be a great writer, handy with technology, persistent, and skilled at social media.

If you happen to be visiting BC’s beautiful Okanagan, you may spot Kimberlee stargazing by the campfire and cooking s’mores with her husband and teenage/young adult children. She loves volunteering and fundraising, making crafts, music, and training her dog. “Fiercely independent” only begins to describe this solo artist who has become a collaborative member of our small community.

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Little things matter. A lot. I’m passionate about helping others do more of what they love by positively changing their lives in ways they may never have thought possible. It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen and we have an amazing team that does it every day. When I see business owners get back to truly enjoying their passions (and the reason they started their business in the first place), knowing those all-important “little things” are professionally handled, I know I’ve been a success.