We had our eye on Jill for a little while before she joined us in fall of 2017. Active, friendly, funny, with a powerful grasp of digital communication, we were excited that such an extroverted individual would be interested in working with our remote team.

Jill told us that “chaos is my zen” when we were in the first stages of hiring, and we’ve found that to be right on the mark. Proactive, courageous, with a strong measure of curiosity, Jill easily adapts to new environments - and even the occasional emergency - with calm, kind professionalism. It’s made her an invaluable member of our team.

Jill’s super powers include a sharp wit and an engaging sense of humour, as well as a deep, burning desire to organize. Efficiency makes her unreasonably happy - the proof that the systems she maintains are working just tickles her. She’s stubborn in a good way, refusing to give up on a problem until the solution is determined, implemented and working. She knows when to reach out to her team to ask for help, and is confident that no matter what difficulties she encounters, she’ll find a way to resolve it.

After supporting some of Admin Slayer’s favourite clients and managing her busy family in BC’s beautiful Okanagan, Jill says she likes to do “lazy things”, which include knitting, watching trashy television, and reading on a beach with a margarita in her hand. Her location has also allowed her to rekindle a love of skiing, and she’s making indents in that champagne powder whenever possible.




Admin Slayer has such an incredible, positive, supportive culture. It’s unlike any job I’ve ever had. Being a slayer has required me to think outside the box and stretch my own skills. I’m learning every day and I love what I do!