Jessica is patient. Nearly a year after she applied to Admin Slayer, we finally found the right combination of businesses for her - and man, did she ever run with it. The lawyers and financial planners she’s been working with are gratefully handing the reins to our Paralegal Slayer, who is managing their systems with expertise.

Jessica is an organizational demon, with over a decade’s experience in the legal system and education as a paralegal. Due to her strong work ethic, Jessica earned deep respect and trust from the judges she recorded and supported. She digs in, grabs the tasks, manages your workload, and looks for places where she can improve effectiveness. All the while, Jessica is juggling client communications, managing files, transcribing at the speed of sound, and ensuring you show up at your meetings on time. Did you want a courtesy reminder and a thank you note with that?

Jessica has two young and incredibly active boys, as well as a shift-working husband. Slaying means that she will be able to spend more time with her boys this summer than she ever has in the past, and she’s really looking forward to it.

Working in the comfort of her own home, with the ability to manage her own schedule, yet still concentrate on the work she loves has made her an incredible and important addition to the Admin Slayer team.

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When working full time and with my family’s crazy schedules, life was very hectic. Now I can make my own schedule, and I’m finally putting my family and my health first; this is so important to me. I love that I will be home with my boys this summer and am able to spend more quality time with them. Life is simpler and less stressful.