Our Shoebox Slayer, Gail, loves building templates that can be used in everyday life, from Daily Cash Budgets to Fixed Asset Sub-Ledgers with Monthly Depreciation (you love those too right? No? Maybe you need Gail…) A designated CPA with experience in non-profit, charitable, and for-profit organizations, she loves to mentor and support our bookkeeping team.

Gail thrives on working through chaotic data to create nice, neat financial statements. She can also breathe underwater… as an Advanced SCUBA diver, she’s travelled the world’s oceans, exploring the nooks and crannies of the sea with the same curiosity that drives her to delve into small business finances.

She loves that being a part of the Admin Slayer Team means that she is in charge of her own time - she can work a full day in the hours that suit her and still have time for the gym or a swim.