....of Tiffany!

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6:00 am  My first alarm goes off. I snooze it….EVERY TIME!

6:30 am  My second alarm goes off. I turn on my favourite talk radio station. I love news and current events! Nerd Alert! Check my Facebook and emails. (Yep still in bed!)

7:00 am   Ok Ok Ok...I’m up! Where’s my coffee? It’s gotta be straight up and black as mud!

7:15 am   I make breakfast for my youngest and we usually laugh over the silliest Pinterest memes, then it’s a whirlwind of teenage “What should I wear? How does this look? Can you fix my hair?” And then she is off to school.

8:15 am   Pour some more mud and check in on Slack to see what's on the agenda for today!

8:30 am   Take my dog Niska for a walk. While I am walking, I have the same text conversation with my oldest daughter, who does distance learning from home. “Get up. Time for school...Yes, you have to! Etc., etc!”

9:30 am   BOOKKEEPER HAT goes on! Check my Gmail and sign in to Client A’s Outlook account using a Remote Desktop Connection. Reply to anything new and add new tasks to my agenda. I use a traditional paper agenda...I still like to write things down!

9:45 am   Open Client A’s Quickbooks Online account. Update the bank feed where necessary. Find receipts and backups for any new bank feed transactions using Hubdoc, Gmail and Outlook. Upload those backups to each bank feed item and post. Check for new bank statements and reconcile those. Update deadlines spreadsheet and enter my time using TSheets.

10:45 am  Check in on the teenager...get my teacher hat on! Read some instructions, do some math equations, learn how to edit video and audio...it’s amazing what you learn when you facilitate distance learning!

11:15 am  Sign in to Client A’s banking and pay invoices as requested in emails from this morning. Attach proof of payment to Client A’s Hubdoc account and to her GDrive folder. Reply to Client A letting her know what’s done and what’s left to do.

12:00 pm   Enjoy lunch with my daughter! We watch a TV show she loves and we talk about the things that are important to her on any particular day. I am so lucky to be able to spend this time with her every day!

1:00 pm   Back to BOOKKEEPER: sign in to Client B and then Client C’s QBO. Update, attach backups from Hubdoc and post bank feed. Update  his deadlines spreadsheet and reconcile any new statements. Enter time in TSheets for both.

1:30 pm   Remind the kiddo that her break is over. Now that it’s nice out, she and I both take our laptops to our outdoor sunroom. No bugs, but all the fresh air, sunshine and chirping birds we can handle!

1:30 pm   Open Client D’s QBO account and update the bank fee. Find receipts and backups in Hubdoc, Gmail and his GDrive. Upload those backups, check for new bank statements and reconcile. Update deadlines spreadsheet and enter my time.

2:15 pm   Check emails and Slack...our internal timesheets have been approved....switch to an Admin! Download timesheet data into Excel and prepare a report for each client.

3:15 pm   Reply to afternoon emails and Slack messages.

3:30 pm   Correspond with Client E on ways to better organize and keep track of his income and expenses for tax purposes.

4:00 pm   Beast Mode! Time to work out. Weight training….pick up heavy things and put them down again...repeat!

5:00 - 10:00 pm  Family time!

10:00 pm   Fall into bed. Earbuds in, watch my favourite show, "Who Do You Think You Are" (British or Australian versions are the best!) on Musi and later play some Tripeaks Solitaire.

11:30 pm   Drop the phone on my face and realize it’s time to sleep! Set alarms, “I am definitely getting out of bed right at 6 tomorrow!” Yeah, right!