....of Lindsay!

7:30 AM  Get up, get the kids ready for school, put lunches into backpacks, have breakfast (a bowl of dry cereal - exciting right!?), get supper prep done.

8:20 AM  Send kids to the bus, shovel front steps if we have received snow the night before (in Saskatchewan, that is most days!).

8:30 AM  Check client A’s email via Gmail, reply to anything urgent, send out courtesy reminders for meetings the following day.

9:00 AM  Check Base (CRM) for today’s tasks, see if any of them require additional information or clarification, send Slack message with those questions.

9:30 AM  Check client B’s email, respond to any messages.

9:45 AM  Check client B’s monthly invoices on PayPal and VersaPay to see if there is anything outstanding. Send reminders for those invoices not paid.

9:55 AM  Check client B’s Timetrade to make sure all monthly appointments have been booked. Send reminders to those who have not booked yet.

10:00 AM  Check client C’s email via Outlook, respond to anything urgent.

10:30 AM  Check Highrise (CRM) for tasks due today for client C. Draft emails and send out requests for meetings, follow up etc.

11:30 AM  Spend a couple of minutes on Slack getting caught up on what the other Slayers are up to - answer any questions that I can help with, enjoy the jokes and a little bit of ‘water cooler’ banter. We all may spend a lot of time behind a computer miles away from each other, but through Slack we can laugh and get to know each other like colleagues.

12:00 PM  Stop for lunch, check personal email, get caught up on social media (we all know that means I spend my lunch break surfing Facebook!).

1:00 PM  Get back to work on client A’s emails and tasks. Log in to Sync to see if clients have uploaded  their required documents, check HelloSign to see which documents still need to be signed, and update MailChimp subscriber list.

2:00 PM  Sneak away for a workout on my treadmill - I try for 5 days a week, but we all know how that goes sometimes!

3:00 PM  Fill up my water bottle, realize that I AM  far behind in reaching my 64 ounces for the day, chug the bottle and refill (this is almost a daily occurrence!).

3:15 PM  Answer telephone calls for client A, which comes through on my cell phone using Versature.

3:30 PM  Kids arrive home from school - one of the best things about working from home (aside from the daily uniform of yoga pants) is getting to hear about their day as soon as they get home from school. They are always so excited to share any news they have!

3:45 PM  Make lunches for the next day, get kids set up doing their homework or Mathletics if they don’t have any homework.

4:00 PM  Check in one last time to all emails to ensure nothing urgent has arisen, and do a quick review of tomorrow’s work.

5:00 PM  Sign off, get supper finished up, eat and clean up - sitting down as a family for supper every night is super important in our house.

6:30 PM  Read with the kids, play a game, go for a quick walk if it is not -30 C as it has been the last couple of days, or run the kids to activities.

8:00 PM  Kids off to bed, enjoy the silence for a few minutes.

8:15 PM  Relax* on the couch and crochet, cross stitch, or read a magazine while watching TV - always a multitasker!

10:30 PM  - 11:00 PM  Head off to bed and get the sleep needed to slay another day!

*Now, all this being said, that would be an ideal day - where I get my tasks all caught up in the hours I have allotted, and my evenings are free and clear. But in reality, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I volunteer at my kids’ school for ½ a day, or I go out for a long  lunch with a local group of ladies that also work from home (and are dying for social interaction). But that is the great thing about this schedule. I can do those things in the day, and make up my work in the evening - still completing everything my clients require, but allowing me to have a fairly flexible schedule to be able to do other things in the day that I would like to. In a house with a shift worker, this schedule really works with our family, and I AM  so grateful for that!