JT's A Day in the Life - full.jpg

....of Jiveney!

Depending on the day of the week, my day looks something like this:

8:30 AM  Wake up and get ready

9:20 AM  Head out to my one-hour workout class

10:30 AM Arrive home, make some Earl Grey tea, feed Mia (my furbaby) and eat breakfast. If I’m feeling really productive, I’ll even throw a load of laundry in the washing machine.

11:30 AM  Check emails and to do list.

11:45 AM Log in to ToodleDo, Base and Wunderlist to see if Client A, Client B or Client C has any tasks for me to complete.

12:00 PM  Set up Client D’s blog in WordPress and publish to blog.

12:20 PM  Set up Client D’s MailChimp newsletter and send test email for approval.

12:45 PM Fill water bottle and hydrate. Our brains and hearts are 73% water – super important stuff!!

1:00 PM   If I run into any problems, I usually Slack my Team Lead, Tracey or use our Technology channel (also in Slack) to reach out to the team when I have a task I need help with or if run into any technological challenges (or just to socialize!)

1:30 PM  Log in to Teamwork to check on tasks from Client D. Upload Client D’s video to YouTube and set up WordPress and AWeber. Schedule social media posts in HootSuite.

2:00 PM  Stop to make lunch, get laundry into the dryer, give Mia some treats/ear scratches and maybe a cuddle or two.

3:00 PM  Use Google Sheets to access a shared social media spreadsheet and see what LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter posts need to be scheduled in Buffer and send out Client E’s social media updates.

4:40 PM  Get Mia ready to go for our 6 KM (one hour) walk. Setup FitBit to track the walk and use Spotify to access my favourite walking playlist.

5:40 PM  Arrive home, start making supper from my Weekly Meal Plan Group on Facebook and feed Mia.

6:00 PM  Check client F’s voicemail and call anyone back that would like to book an appointment. Open up IntakeQ while I call clients back to schedule appointments.

6:30 PM  Eat supper (usually while watching Netflix).

7:00 PM  Tidy up from supper (with help from Mike if he’s home).

7:30 PM  Write down clients and tasks that need to be done for the next day (yes, pen and paper! Helps me get it out of my brain and into an organized list so I remember everything).

8:00 PM  Fold laundry, take care of any household tasks that need to be done and wind down with a book or Netflix. Spend time with Mike and Mia.

10:00 PM  My favourite time to bake healthy snacks or do some vacuuming (last week, I steam cleaned the couch at midnight. It’s a thrilling life I live!!)

1:00 AM (ish)  Is bed time!