....of Jill!

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7:00 am Get up, let the moose dog out, pro-caffeinate with a large pot of coffee, wake up the kids if they aren’t already up doing whatever two boys do when their mom isn’t up, and then start bossing people around.

7:30 am Make sure the small people are fed, have lunches packed and are dressed. This is harder than you might think!

7:45 am Start hustling the small people to get their coats and shoes on for the walk to school. It takes at least 3 times longer to make sure everyone has their backpacks, outdoor clothing and various accessories than it does to actually walk to school.

8:00-8:10 am ish Start out asking small people nicely to get out the door and end up losing my cool (ok, screaming so the neighbours can hear me) when I’m football carrying at least one (sometimes two) children out the door to school. They enjoy school, I promise they do!

8:40 am Return home from school drop off. Promptly refill the empty mug that made the trek with me.

8:45 am Check Client A’s email using Rackspace Webmail. Follow up on new emails and return phone calls as necessary.

9:15 am ish  Wrap up Client A. Caffeinate.

9: 25 am Check in on Client B through Gmail or text message. Book all the appointments. Arrange for all the deliveries. Make people smile.

9:45 am Caffeinate. And probably get some water because coffee. All the coffee.

10:00 am Assess the grocery situation and the laundry situation. Prioritize food or clean clothes and do the thing. A good, quick trip to Costco is soul lifting!

11:00 am Slack all the people. About important things. About not important things. Plot to take over the world.

12:00 pm Touch base with teammate regarding Client C. I’ve probably already been working on some things for this client  throughout the day but now it’s time to put on my EA hat and do the EA things. Answer emails, book international appointments, sometimes in 3 or more time zones at once (World Time and Date Meeting Planner makes this brain bending task possible). Book all the phone calls. Book hotels and car rentals and all the meetings. Write proposals, contracts, and large final documents as promised in the contracts. Slay the hell out of the training manual we’re writing and procrastinate on all of the things Tracey needs me to do to get all the systems running tickety boo. But do the things because nobody messes with Tracey! Slack team members, touch base with our amazing bookkeeper Ellen to hustle Client C’s clients about their invoices.

2:00 pm Realize that I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Grab a smoothie or granola bar and (surprise!!) another coffee. Race out the door at 2:15 to pick up the small people and chat about their day.

2:30 pm Back to business. More contracts and meetings and phone calls for Client C. Slack all the people and bump heads with the team about the latest idea or project. Delegate, delegate, delegate! I LOVE my team!

3:15 pm Start asking the small people to get their martial arts uniforms on. Ask nicely for 15 minutes and then lose it when it’s time to get out the door and nobody is dressed or has their gear. (There’s a theme emerging with the small people…)

3:30-6:30 pm Sit on the hard benches at martial arts. Check in on Client C through a phone provided by him. Answer emails, book appointments and take calls from Client C as necessary.

6:30-10:30 pm ish Get home, make a quick dinner and feed the crew. On a good night the husband is home to help with bedtime, though most nights that’s a solo job. Get the kids tucked in and off to sleep, then grab a glass of wine and watch some terrible reality TV to wash away anything remotely resembling real life.

10:30 pm or later Off to bed. I re-read the same 3 sentences that I’ve been reading for the past week and fall asleep holding my book.  Nighty night!