....of Jessica!

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7:30 am Alarm goes off. Hit snooze. Hit snooze again. (I’m not a morning person at all, so having clients on Pacific Standard Time and three hours behind me is perfect!). I make my boys breakfast and they are on the school bus around 8:20. I take our dog, Nellie, for a quick walk in the woods. She’s a 13-year-old border collie lab mix

8:40 am Make a big pot of coffee and have breakfast. I need ALL the coffee!

9:00 am Check in on Slack to see if anyone on the team has messaged me. Log into TSheets to track my time and start working for Client A. Read through emails and respond to their clients’ questions. Review and update my tasks in Clio. Make an agenda of the items I need to go over in our afternoon weekly call. Save documents to Box and send agreements to their clients for signing through DocuSign.

10:00 am More coffee. Read and respond to emails for Client B. Pay invoices. Review the client’s calendar and make sure their travel itinerary is entered and prepare agendas for when they meet with their clients. Save all documents in Dropbox. Using a secure remote desktop portal, update client information in GoldMine CRM.

10:45 am Log into Client C’s email. Respond to emails and book appointments for their clients using Zoom. Review and update my tasks in Basecamp.

11:30 am Get dressed for yoga. (Yes, I have been working in my pajamas.)

12:00 pm Go to a one-hour hot flow yoga class at Modo Yoga. Feeling great!

1:30 pm Back home and have a quick bite to eat.

2:00 pm More coffee (don’t judge me). Telephone conference with Client A. Make a list of my new tasks and enter them into Clio. Check back in on their email to see if there’s anything new.

3:00 pm Check in on emails for Clients B and C to see if anything new came in that needs my attention today.

3:20 pm Boys are home from school now. Unpack their lunches and prepare them an after-school snack. They get one hour of screens which keeps them completely quiet while I finish up any last-minute tasks that come in for clients. Update a Google Slides presentation.

4:15 pm Listen to a 90’s playlist on Spotify while I start prepping our veggie meal from HelloFresh. Just started this subscription and I love that it takes the guesswork out of meal planning and decreases my grocery shopping.

5:15 pm My husband gets home from work and we eat supper together as a family.

6:00 pm Take boys to basketball practice.

7:15 pm Help the boys with their baths and homework. Clean up the kitchen and make lunches for tomorrow. Read books with the boys.

8:30 pm Get the boys to sleep and organize as many things as I can for the morning because I know I am going to hit snooze twice.

9:00 pm Check in with friends, scroll through Facebook, watch some Instagram stories, and finish the night with Netflix. We’re currently re-watching The Office.

11:00 pm Good night!