....of Aspen!

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5:00 am Wake up, shower and get dressed. I pick out my clothes the night before and leave them in the bathroom so I don’t wake up my husband. Grind some coffee beans and put the kettle on for that first glorious cup of coffee. Unload the dishwasher while waiting for the water to boil.

5:25 am Chug a bottle of water, then proceed to that heavenly coffee.

5:30 am Log into my Gmail for Client A. Log into Basecamp and see what tasks I have due today for that client. Send out emails to confirm appointments and update Client A’s calendar. Log into Client A’s email and sort out what needs immediate attention and what doesn’t.

6:30 am Log into Wunderlist. I use this to keep track of all of my day to day recurring tasks for each client or if I have a one-off task for a client. It makes a lovely *ding* noise as I cross things off my list. From here I see that I put in a task to proofread a document for Client B. Log into Slack and find the document. Proofreading is one of my favourite things to do - I love to pick apart the written word (but don’t read my texts - I text fast and furiously and do not proofread them!!) Send the PDF’d document to another Slayer for emailing out.

7:00 am My high schooler is upstairs and ready for breakfast. Make him some eggs and sit with him and my husband to eat breakfast.

7:30 am Husband and high schooler head out the door. We live downtown so they walk to work/school every morning together. My middle schooler comes downstairs and looks pale. He is not going to school today I guess! Log into School Messenger and let the school know that he is not going to be at school today. This is one of the MANY reasons I love being a Slayer. Guess who didn’t have to take a day off work to stay home with a sick boy? ME!! I get him set up with tissues, tea, a blanket and the remote and I head back to the office.

8:00 am Log into my email account for Client C. Type up meeting notes, add things to that client’s calendar from an ongoing task list we created together in Google Drive. Send out courtesy reminders to the people that Client C will be meeting with tomorrow. Log into Client C’s email and sort all of the read emails into the appropriate folders. Client C just sent me a text and wants me to reschedule one of the meetings set for today. Check Client C’s voicemail and send Client C a text with who called and needs a callback.

9:00 am Contractor just knocked on the door and I get him set up outside - we have a new deck being built. Chat with him about the project. Check on the sick kid and make him some toast. Have a snuggle.

9:30 am Log into Client D’s email. Respond to customer inquiries and process orders/refunds in Shopify. Add new products onto the website for the next product launch. Update the procedure manual for this client and Slack with the team on what the new updates are. Create meeting notes in Google Drive for the team meeting this afternoon. Check out Later for Instagram and make sure that the feed for the next week looks symmetrical.

11:00 am Get outside and go for a walk. I listen to an audiobook I purchased from iTunes while I walk. Currently I am listening to Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming”. Down another bottle of water.

12:00 pm Have something to eat (me and the sick boy!) I am the leftover queen, so today is sushi leftover from two nights ago. We have sushi once a week (avocado, carrot and cucumber) because I can make it the day before a busy day of driving kids here and there.

1:00 pm Video conference through Zoom with Client D. I did my hair today for this (future post on the merits of dry shampoo to come?!). Take notes for the call, update to-do’s and complete tasks that come out of the team meeting. More water!

2:00 pm Log back into Client A’s email and respond to any new messages and complete any new to do’s that have arisen in Basecamp. More water!

2:30 pm Call Client A and bring that client up to speed on what has been going on since last week. Update the ongoing meeting notes and let the Admin Slayer executive team know (via Slack) what is happening with that client. Make a cup of tea. Nothing fancy - just decaf orange pekoe because I can’t sleep at night if I have caffeine this late in the day!

3:00 pm High schooler arrives home. He sits on the guest bed in my office while having a snack and telling me about his day. We look at funny snaps that I have been sent from my nieces and nephews on Snapchat.

3:30 pm Log back into Client C and respond to messages, sort documents in Gdrive.

4:00 pm Make dinner and get the table set. Hubby arrives home shortly before 5pm. He stands in the kitchen and we chat about our day while I am cooking. Since the youngest son is sick today, I won’t be driving him to the soccer centre for practice.

5:00 pm Sit down with the family and eat. Tonight it’s Mexican! I am trying a new pico de gallo recipe that I found on Pinterest. We listen to a playlist via Youtube that goes with our dinner theme.

5:45 pm Drive oldest son to symphony practice. He is a violinist. On the way home, I call one of my sisters or my mom through Bluetooth to chat. They are 1-2 hours behind me so it works that they aren’t eating dinner when I call.

6:30 pm Back home to clean up dinner, give the house a quick vacuum and pack lunches for tomorrow. Chat with teacher from youngest son’s school via Remind about her need for a parent volunteer for an upcoming school trip. Because we work in teams at Admin Slayer, clients never lose coverage when one of us is away. My co-slayers will be able to cover so I confirm that I can volunteer.

8:30 pm Husband leaves to pick up son from symphony practice. I tuck the youngest son into bed then check Slack to see if I need to add anything to my task list for tomorrow.

9:00 pm Watch Netflix with husband. We’re currently into Ozark.

9:45 pm Head upstairs to bed. Pick out clothes for tomorrow and read my book: Reese Witherspoon’s “Whiskey in a Teacup”. I don’t use an e reader as I prefer feeling the book in my hands.

10:30 pm Lights out!