We have been in love with Jennifer since the first day she joined us. She’s kind, personable, thoughtful, and she gets it done. When it comes to slaying, we need people like Jennifer on our side (and so do you!).  

In the world of small businesses, Jennifer’s ability to pick up new information and apply it is a godsend - as is her willingness to ask the right questions when she needs direction. With key skills in communications, organization, event management and financial services, Jennifer is a master organizer, effortlessly coordinating people, documents, calendars, events, and paperwork. She’s a juggler, and she makes it look easy.

Jennifer is an incredible role model for new Slayers, providing feedback, support, and encouragement.  We’ve been stretching her boundaries since we first met, and she meets each challenge with flexibility, kindness, and humour.

Somewhat obsessed with mountains, Jennifer loves hiking and snowshoeing through the wilds of British Columbia.  A volunteering addict with a huge place in her heart for her community, you will find Jennifer and her children at every event, selling you raffle tickets, baking for the cake walk, and collecting at the bottle drive.

We blushed a little when we learned that Jennifer particularly likes the team atmosphere we’ve managed to create at Admin Slayer - despite being entirely virtual - and enjoys the opportunities she’s had to take the lead. Setting her own hours allows Jennifer to work when and how she wants to, around the life she’s enjoying with her family and community.

What I love most about being a Slayer is the opportunity to work for a wide spectrum of clients with different needs, allowing me to really grow and stretch to be a very well-rounded Virtual Assistant with a huge array of skills and knowledge!