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Rational, competent Fiona has been known to one of our founders for a long time as a highly trusted administrator who has held significant responsibility.  When she became a mother, she found that most part-time jobs were far too junior for her talents, and didn’t allow her the flexibility she needed. At Admin Slayer, we know that committed parents can also be superstar administrators.

Fiona is a fantastic generalist, with the ability to pick up new systems and knowledge on the fly. With mean social media skills, outstanding writing chops (minus any ego), and the ability to make educated decisions in the face of ambiguity, we knew our businesses needed her on a daily basis.

I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with my work environment! At Admin Slayer, I have control over my schedule, enabling me to work from home while coordinating care for my kids with my husband - making the post-maternity leave transition much easier on my family. However, even though I work from home, I still have the support of an amazing team. I feel very lucky to be a Slayer.
— Fiona

A Canadian citizen currently residing in the U.S., Fiona is dedicated to spending time with her family and building muscle at the gym. Independent and entirely self-motivated, being a slayer fits Fiona’s temperament, and her lifestyle.