In July of 2015, we met with Donna to talk about this cool new business we were incorporating - Admin Slayer.  We knew her both personally and professionally - she’d be a great addition to the team. Donna, of course, is certified with QuickBooks Online and is well educated in the field of bookkeeping, but on top of that she has years of experience working in accounting services.  This gives her a fantastic perspective - she knows what a business owner needs to understand in order to run their business successfully, and at the same time, knows what the accountant needs to create great year-end financials and tax returns. Our goal is to minimize the adjusting journal entries that need to be made by the accountant at year-end, which translates into lower costs… and Donna knows how to make that happen.

Donna’s incredibly dry British sense of humour helps our business owners see the bright side of their numbers, even when they get a little rough. Her strategic analysis (so much more than just recording the credits and debits!) have helped many make great financial decisions and allows those businesses to appreciate.  

As a parent, working with Admin Slayer is ideal for Donna. She can run her busy family, keep her mind nimble, skills sharp, and avoid commuting.